The curse of the double dip! ðŸ™ˆ

Ooooh, now I have a new format to chat to you all on, ha ha as if you don’t hear enough from me! 😀

So I have loved catching up with you gorgeous ladies and hearing your stories since I have been on maternity leave. Time went so quicky but as one of my gorgeous ladies said ‘8 weeks in the world of a new Momma is nothing, but 8 weeks in the world of my eyebrows is a lifetime, don’t you dare have another baby’. Lol 😂

So naturally a few of you experimented with other treatments and other salons. Some with great success, however some with a little trauma! 🙈

On the back of your stories I have been compelled to write a little post about intimate waxing. As you know I work exclusively with Perron Rigot hot and warm waxes to deliver the best possible intimate and non-intimate waxing techniques on the market. I take my training very seriously and seek out the best trainers in the country to ensure my techniques and health and safety are on point. For me this was my training with the amazing Kim Lawless. However, not all beauticians are the same… I have heard horror stories this week of double dipping!

This means during an intimate wax the technician dips the wax in the pot, applies the wax to your bottom or your foof and then dips the spatula back into the wax!!! 😱 I do not need to tell you that this is not sanitary, nor does it comply with health and safety. And god help the last wax client of the day who gets that lovely pot of germs! So ladies, please demand the best, ensure any intimate waxing treatments you receive are with a new spatula for every dip! #simples 😊
Rant over…aren’t you glad I’m back to lecture you lol. Check out Hot waxing at Digits Beauty
Happy Sunday gorgeous 💕
Pippa x


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